What dream are you chasing?

It doesn’t matter what it is, a fit, strong body will take you there. Our indoor cycling program will leave you with a euphoric endorphin boost that lasts because our low impact high intensity workout won’t leave you sore. Our TRX program will change your posture and is adaptable to all fitness levels.

we make it easy to start

If you have never been to an indoor cycling class before, sign up for one of our free intro classes. This is a way to familiarize yourself with all things Cyklus: bike setup, studio navigation and etiquette, what to expect from a cycling class, riding techniques, and so on. You will walk out of this hour long session confident and ready to book your first real Cyklus ride.

Nervous? Never ridden a spin class before? We offer a free Intro Class/FTP Assesment Tuesday at 4 PM, Wednesday at 8 AM, and some Saturdays at 3:30 PM. Sign up here.  Bring clothes to sweat in and a water bottle (not a glass one please), and plan on riding hard.

Anyone can drop in and do a fitness assesment (FTP)… for free in any scheduled Intro Class.


While you are here, pick up our intro special: 5 rides for $70. You have 45 days to use them, so this offer gets you riding at least once a week. Is there a better way to kick start your life changing fitness habit?

Don’t just sit there! Book a class now!

"find a way to sweat, three times per week, for the rest of your life..."