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If you have not been to the studio lately, you are in for a surprise.  We have integrated the most advanced indoor cycling technology in the world: a virtualized bike ride simulation that allows you to compete with other class members while logging all of your workout data in the background on your profile in the cloud.

Ever wondered if you are getting stronger? No need to wonder with Spivi. You can track your kilo calories, watts, heart rate, and cadence for each and every training session you ride at Cyklus. All saved forever in your history.

For some, however, the best part will be the online per bike booking. No more race to get your spot: just book it online. We are pretty close to releasing it site wide, but if you want to give it a go now, book your next class here. Please help us out and let us know of any issues you have with our new booking system.

Spivi is brand new: this is version 1.0 of the software, but we are tapped into all updates on both their website and the in studio system. Our instructor team are learning how to best to integrate it into your ride, but there is no doubt this is the most powerful group fitness cycling tool. We love Spivi, and we know you will love it too. Remember: racers say training with power is like knowing the answers before the test. Now you have access to the way the pros train… with testable and trackable results. No more wondering if you are spending your time wisely: now you know you are.

How To Get The Most Out Of Spivi


Fill out your age, height and weight in your profile.

Look at your privacy settings and set them as you like: you can show or hide any of your data during a class.

Regularly update your weight. With a correct height, weight and age in your Spivi profile, that calorie measurement will be very accurate.

Set Spivi to “automatically update my FTP over time” and really work during those FTP tests!

Read my blog post “What is FTP”.

Keep an eye on your FTP level (watch it climb) and learn your power zones.

Get a heart rate monitor. Spivi will soon be able to see your ANT+ monitor, or buy a bluetooth one from us.

Have fun with your Spivitar and Spivi display name. Some good ones we have currently: Darth Lisa, Flatroadus and Eatmytred.

Stick your nose into your data post ride and give yourself a pat on the back!


Pedal at low effort levels during an FTP test… Spivi positions your bike based on FTP. If your FTP is artificially low, you will be way in front.

Don’t get discouraged by a bad FTP test. Performance fluctuates, but overall, you will trend up over time.

Don’t fret too much about your performance. We want you motivated, not discouraged. You are already on the road to a stronger, healthier you, so don’t worry about a thing! Just keep riding and watch the changes come.

Ready to ride after reading that? Book a class now!