OK Cyklus Crew!

We are going to launch per bike booking live across the site!

Remember you control what is displayed in the class. Now is a great time to review your Spivi privacy settings.

1. Go to Spivi and log in with the same email you book classes with. The first time you log in, your default password will be cyklusvan1. You can try the forgot password link if you have issues logging in.

2. At the top of the page in a blue bar is a link for “Account & Settings“. If you are logged into Spivi on another tab, these links should work.

3. Under the heading “Personal Information” is a link called “Identity“.

There are three radio buttons by “Display Name”. We recommend you select the bottom one and come up with your own fun handle. Mine is “dasein” should you see me riding my virtual bike along side you.

You should also set your birth date on this page. Spivi uses this to calculate your metabolic rate for the calorie calculations. You may choose to hide or show the your birth date to other members of the Spivi community: just click the little drop down arrow to the far right of each line of information.

While you are here, click on back to “Account & Settings” and under “Personal Information” navigate to “Body Weight & Height“. Set these parameters to give Spivi the best chance to calculate your basil metabolic rate. Remember to update your weight here as it changes.

Last, on the same Account & Settings page under “Spivi Class Settings” is a link called “Privacy Settings“. This is where you can show or hide all your performance metrics during the class.

Have some more fun- go to Change Spivitar and pick the color of shorts and shirt your Spivitar wears. And don’t forget to pick a Profile Picture.

Enjoy keeping track of your progress!

Ready to ride after reading that? Book a class now!