Born in that other province, I was quickly deprogrammed and indoctrinated into the BC fold as a nine year old in beautiful Naramata BC. I trained at UBC in computer science, so naturally I later started a crane business.

I love roadracing motorcycles, rock climbing and windsurfing. In the winters, I spend my weekends volunteering on the Whistler Mountain Ski Patrol.I also love cycling. I am an ex bike courier and now do almost every sort of bike racing: cyclocross, road and track. Expect the odd mini lecture on cycling fundamentals in my classes. I teach with power, focusing is on technique and doing quality intervals.

It is important to me to keep fit so I can have fun with my daughter Maxine. I love energy and enthusiasm in an indoor cycling class, and I always feel excited and lucky when I am on the way to the gym to teach one.

“Consistency trumps intensity, so get off the couch and do the work!”

Jay Shapka